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Interview with Dillon Casey

Just learned there’s gonna be a Salex scene in a sauna!!!!!!


(Trying to distract myself from the fact that very important characters are going to die! Snif!)

OMG! Origins was awesome!!!!!!

I was shaking throughout the episode!

(ok my room was a little cold too)

1. Amanda and Ari= EVIL HOTNESS

2. So many flashbacks! Yay!

3. Birkhoff pulling a gun on Carla

and calling her a bitch, protecting Alex! I’m not a Balex fan but I think that must have been a terrific moment for them!

And that hardware line!

4. Alex/Nikita partnership! I love them so much!

5. Michael saves the day again! Good job, Michael!

6. I think I’m beginning to hate Carla! Her obsession with Division is just annoying! And seriously Nikita has had enough betrayals in her life! She doesn’t need yours too!

7. Percy showing his credentials was kind of weird.

8. Semak needs to die now!

9. A lot of Ari in this episode! I approve!

10. No Mikita scenes.

I’m gonna pretend that didn’t happen just because the episode was so awesome.

11. No Sean, again! I miss him! He better be in the next episode!

12. I almost forgot another Harry Potter reference by Birkhoff!!!!!!

Last but no least I NEED THAT PROMO NOW!!!!